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Six things to know about bath remodeling

Ever watch the television show, “Love It or List It” on HGTV? If you have, you’ve noticed that people don’t budge on remodeling their bath. That’s because either the family grew and they need more space, or they plan to sell and know that an inadequate bath can be one tiny deal-killer.

That is #1 on our list of to do’s when remodeling your bath: Be clear on your priorities, because it may be worth it to change the layout and create an addition.

Spectrum Flooring & Design goes by that name for a good reason: We’re your complete source for any remodeling, whether you’re building a new home; adding an extension; or just doing a spruce up.

We have a full inventory and offer services that range from creating custom cabinetry and design consultation to flooring installation and granite fabrication.

We also know how stressful it can be to shop for a remodeling, so we bring it all to you in our mobile showroom servicing Conyers, Covington, Snellville, Loganville, and Monroe, GA.

Call us to schedule an appointment. Of course, we also have a physical showroom in Decatur, GA if you prefer brick and mortar facilities.
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Now for the fun things

  • Use furniture pieces. One of the big trends for baths right now is to use items that look like furniture, such as hutches, bookcases, etc.

    Be aware, however, that wood is damaged by excess water and this room is well-known as the wettest area in the house. It is fine, though, if your bath already has an adjacent space that is in the bath, but away from the wet elements, like the sink or shower--or you can include that in your remodeling plans.

  • Declutter. Nothing makes a bath look smaller than make-up, hair styling tools, shaving items, etc., strewn all over. When remodeling, make storage ideas a priority. For instance, how about pull-outs for cabinets or open shelving with a tile backsplash?

  • Change lighting. Adding light can visually expand the space and give it a light and airy feeling. LEDs can turn a space into a calm and serene atmosphere.

  • Add mirrors. Not only do they trick the eye, making it think the room is larger than it actually is, but it can also be a fun accessory, especially if you choose one in an odd shape, because bathrooms tend to be box-like spaces with straight lines.

  • Transform with new countertops and accessories. Granite is elegant and durable. Think also about adding a little glam, such as a free standing soaking tub.

Need inspiration? Look at some design magazines, social media sites like Pinterest, our website’s inspiration page, or get one of our design consultations.

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