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Freshen up your kitchen with a mini remodeling

Sometimes all it needs is a new floor or pop of color to bring a kitchen back to life. Often, depending on your end goal, you don’t need a full remodeling but, rather, just a spruce-up.

Spectrum Flooring & Design goes by that name for a good reason: We’re your full-spectrum source for any remodeling, whether you’re building a new home; adding an extension, or just sprucing up.

We know how stressful it can be to shop for remodeling, so we bring it all to you in our fully-stocked mobile showroom servicing Marietta, Buckhead, Powder Springs, and Mableton, GA.

Call us to schedule an appointment. We also have a physical showroom in Decatur, GA if you prefer brick and mortar facilities.

Here are some things you might do to freshen your kitchen:

  • Change the flooring. Wood-looks are in and, as you probably already know, hardwood can be damaged by water, and you can get a similar look with tile, luxury vinyl or waterproof flooring.
  • Add touches of color. Consider a painted wall or a floor-to-ceiling backsplash.
  • Change up those cabinets! Custom colors are big right now, because people want their own personal style, and not something that lacks individuality. The all-white kitchen, with white-washed floors, is in, but so are the darker shades such as emerald green and navy blue. Add some new knobs and pulls and take off the doors (another hot trend).
  • Add touches of texture and color. Use vibrant runners, wall hangings, or area rugs.
  • New countertops. A “must-have” for any kitchen remodeling, stone has taken the world by storm lately. Granite countertops, especially, are known for their beauty, stain resistance, and durability.
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Preparation is key

To rectify situations like the ones mentioned above, you might need to redesign your layout. This means the old cabinetry needs to be removed and new ones installed. However, if the placement, size, and functionality of your cabinets work for you, you can then focus on the appearance and appeal of the pieces.

Cabinetry can become dated, damaged, or faded over time. This is especially the case if you have recently had new flooring, backsplashes, or wall colors added to your kitchen or bathroom. To bring everything together with precise continuity, new cabinets just make sense. This leaves you to choose wood species, colors, hardware, and fixtures that all speak to your personal preferences, so the sky is the limit.

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